About Me

I’m Nick Avis, a lawyer a little too passionate about cycling.

I grew up on a bicycling, spending my summer days riding up and down back country roads.

I earned joint degrees in business and law from a Canadian university and practice corporate insolvency and financial restructuring law in both Toronto, Ontario, and London, England.

Life as a lawyer was thrilling: I worked on some of the largest, most complex cases in North America and Europe. But in mid-2023, I decided to pause my career to focus on a big project: cycling Canada, from coast to coast to coast.

Nick Avis taking a rest from biking in Cres, Croatia (2023)

I swapped my dress shoes for cycling cleats, my comfy London flat for a tent, and a fully stocked kitchen for trail mix and rationing.

You can read about why I did this here.

My adventure was unpredictable and full of surprises. Nothing about it was certain, but I loved it. It was a big shift from being a lawyer, but that’s what made it fun!

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